CONNIE JANZ Hair Studio is a modest boutique salon space that came to life in 2015 in the heart of St Kilda, on famous Fitzroy Street. Celebrating 13 years in the Industry, Connie’s vision of creating a warm, inviting salon experience for her clients is now a reality. 
Let us pamper you with your choice of herbal tea, coffee, lemon infused spring water or a crisp glass of wine whilst you relax into your unique, revitalising, hair care journey. 
We offer a casual in depth consultation to determine your personal hair care needs, then tailor a maintenance program that is easy to sustain at home. This process will not only leave you feeling refreshed, creating a style and colour combination that is aesthetically pleasing, but will also ensure a design that suits your lifestyle. 
We welcome men, women and children of all ages, to come and join our growing family of loyal customers and our professional team!